by Kid Dingo

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Ninety-four. Born the day the jetty blew down.
Rushed from hospital up to Holdfast town
(Where the people hold fast to their views and their cars and their money and water their grass with milk and honey)

in the land rover, to meet the twelve foot boat "Lola",
four motorbikes and a hatch corolla, and a cleaning lady
I didn’t even know that we paid,
she just gave us Easter eggs every Easter day.

See I’m a poster child of the meek and mild,
a wallflower at the party of the sodomite damned.
What a plodder I am! Slammed in to this Babylonian glee club
that we like to call the arts community.

We seldom joke at all, we’re over vocable,
toke smoke-ables and ironically wear overalls.
It’s kind of cool, but overall I’m over all of it.
I’m over rules and thinking why the fuck I go to schools.

Placed in institutions since my genesis
and now I am nineteen with a thesis précis
and a white penis like Jesus, all this seems to mean
is I can be obscene as I can be and be seen as a genius.

You can take white trash, polish it, roll it in glitter,
you can give it a degree, but it’s still white trash.
You can take a suburban nerd and smoke ‘erb with him,
and play him urban music but it doesn’t change cash.

I see green and yellow-bellied people,
with green-and-yellow bellied wallets.
Their hard leather shoes sing the ‘tick-tick-tock’
of this giant metronome as they race over footpaths
in three piece suits, to suck the man’s big, thick cock.

Sometimes I get sick of this, and with a bitterness
I consider that I could pull an Icarus.
The Nullarbor is just miles away,
when I’m living for the time of day
I consider that maybe I could say:
“You all look like Lego to me. You all look like Lego to me”.

And just drive away.

Hit the road.

Hit the road.

And I hope to see you soon.


released March 6, 2015
Kid Dingo - Music, Lyrics, Vocals, Production, Keys, Rainstick
Brodie Stewart - Production, Bass Synth, Mixing and Mastering, BVs
Pete Forgus - Production, Drums, Percussion, BVs
Dom Barrett - Guitars, Banjo
Michael Morgan - Harmonica
Max Koenig - Jaw Harp
Remotely Creative - Artwork



all rights reserved


Kid Dingo Perth, Australia

A bombastic brand of pop music with progressive tendencies, roots in multiple music traditions and fresh AF raps.

Based in Perth, Western Australia.

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